Central Studios recently teamed up with Y&R Shanghai to create a catchy Holiday campaign for GAP.

以制作方的身份亮相,奂镜近期与Y&R Shanghai一拍即合,共同为GAP制作了一款假日购物安利指数爆棚的拍摄活动。

We had loads of fun shooting musical videos directed by Wang Limin and a fun print campaign by Matteo Montanari. Featuring Asian celebrities JJ Lin and Xiao S, the videos will keep you singing and dancing all the way to your Christmas tree.


JJ Lin sang the classic holiday hit White Christmas by Irving Berlin which we recorded live in studio as we shot this simple and enchanting piece. In contrast Xiao S showed us her cheeky side as she danced for the camera, hoping to make your holiday wishes come true.

林俊杰在视频短片中现场演唱 Irving Berlin 的 White Christmas ,而小S则是秉着一贯的无所畏惧性情,在视频片场秀出一段附带她个人强烈色彩的舞。

In addition to these we also created a series of 11/11 monologues to help you do some great early Xmas shopping. What are your holiday wishes?



Client GAP
Agency: Y&R Shanghai
Photographer: Matteo Montanari
Director: Wang Limin
DOP: Richard Kendall
Sound: Kersound

Offline Edit: Kynan / Central Studios

Online Edit: MPC

BTS Photo: Aleksandar Carevic
Executive Producer: Rodney Evans
Production: Central Studios