Lunar 2.0

Client: Logitech

Photopraher: Shen Yi
Product Photograher: Mu Ran
Executive Producer: Rodney Evans
Producer: Mew Jiang
Stylist: Cun Cun
HMU: Wan Hao Jie

This past summer, Central Studios produced this colorful collaboration with Logitech showcasing the new Lunar 2.0 keyboard and mouse combos.  With specialized emoji buttons, these keyboards add character for any online activities.

With a range of colors aimed for every personality, we worked with a cast of colourful youth. Bloggers BLACKBAB, TOY- Wang Yi and model KATYA were on hand to help hype the new product. Fashion photographer SHEN YI completed this group of energetic fashion blockbusters.

The product photography was led by photographer Mu Ran, working remotely with clients to seamlessly complement the shots with other CG assets, producing a fun, vivid set of images.

For the motion, the BTS vibe showcased the character of our influencers with an unpretentious, playful style, interspersing stills from Shen Yi’s portraits.