Central Studios has one of the best stocked rental equipment lockers for print shooting, catered to the ever evolving needs of print and video production.

Our inventory is constantly expanding to accommodate trends in image capture, including HDSLR, a complete product line of Apple Computers for studio or location, and the latest technology in studio lighting.

The full range of the latest Profoto and Broncolor equipment is available to global clients, and each piece of our gear is regularly maintained and checked to guarantee that all goes out in working order.

If we don’t have what you are looking for on our list, we’ll find it for you! Just ask our production team and we will find it for your shoot.


Cameras & Grip

Central Studios has a comprehensive inventory of professional camera equipment in house. With a full range of Canon and Phase One gear and Sony Alpha system, we have the bases covered for stills and motion. Other specialty cameras available on request.
Grip: Manfrotto / Avenger stands and scrims and lots of other good stuff.


For photography, CS has the widest range of strobe gear in Shanghai with full complement of Profoto and Broncolor, including the latest Profoto Pro-10 packs. For video we have an increasingly wider range of continuous lighting from Kinos, LEDs and other HMI.

Our crews can manage complex lighting set ups in studio and equally manage challenging location shoots.

Schmidli Backdrops

Central Studios is proud to be the exclusive rental partner of Schmidli hand painted backdrops.  We have 12 specially crafted oversized canvases on hand in our Shanghai studio.

Click here for a catalog of backdrops available in Shanghai.

Location Equipment

Generators, Heaters, Tents, Tables, Chairs, etc.