CS SHOUT, a shout out to our community of creators, encourages artistic creation from commercial and experimental perspectives, by creating an incubator designed to amplify the innovations that come out of industry work.


CS SHOUT is a platform to nurture the strides made in photo-video, digital and 3-D media, connecting groundbreaking artists with the right resources to express their visions.

What is CS SHOUT?

CS SHOUT is a new initiative by Central Studios for artists + non-commercial creative projects.


Pitch an idea, if we like it, we’ll green light it for creative reign at Central Studios with our support either by providing studio space, gear, or other production resources.


Through SHOUT, we are creating a platform for up and coming talent in Shanghai to be able to live, breath and grow by expressing their ideas through these creative projects.


You can use our resources to make anything of your imagination. Photo, Video, Music, Art installation, the list goes on. Space has been used for many things in the past and nothing makes us happier than when we see cool stuff happening inside our walls.


If you are looking for other creative crew to help realize your project, we can also assist to help bring our community partners into the fold.

How To Apply?

For anyone interested in applying, you can pitch your idea to us. It’s simple, all you have to do is create a deck that illustrates your idea.


The deck can be anything: PDF, Video, Animation.  Feel free to get creative! Just make sure it includes:


  • Ideas / References with a clear vision of what you want to produce specifying intended Final Delivery, for example, 30-second fashion video; series of still images, Music Video etc etc


  • Resources required: For example space, equipment needs, crew assistance, post-production help


  • Timeline and when you would need our resources


  • Reach / Platforms – what opportunities do you have for exposure on other platforms/channels?


We want you to create with freedom, but there are few rules so we can maintain this as an open space.


  • The CS SHOUT program is for non-commercial projects only. We want to keep this as a unique space and opportunity for artists exploring ideas. If you are interested in a doing a partly commercial project, we can discuss special CS SHOUT rates, however, each case would be assessed on its merits, subject to our discretion.


  • We will do our best to provide any resources we have in-house at no cost. We cannot guarantee that there will be no cost to participate. If any costs arise, these will be discussed during the approval and planning process.


  • Final output and documentation should be delivered in accordance to what is outlined on your timeline and pitch.


  • Central Studios has the first right to publish any work via SHOUT on its own platforms, with full credits to artists.


  • The artist should credit CS SHOUT // #CSSHOUT on all social platforms Artist chooses to publish the works.


  • Copyright shall always remain with the Artist and shall grant CS a license to publish the works on all CS related digital channels.


If you think you’ve got an interesting idea and want to get the help from CS SHOUT, great! This submission form should have everything you need to get you started. Feel free to email us at if you have any questions. Have fun!