CS SHOUT is an initiative born out of the desire to nurture the strides being made in the creative realm – connecting groundbreaking artists with the right resources to express their visions. It is a shout out to our community of creators.

Dig deep into your imagination. Photo, video, music, art installations, the list goes on. Pitch an idea. If we like it, we’ll green light it for creative reign at Central Studios with our support either by providing studio space, gear, or other production resources.

Our studios have been used for many things in the past and nothing makes us happier than when we see cool stuff happening inside our walls. If you are looking for other creative crew to help realise your project, we can also assist to help bring our community partners into the fold.


If you’re interested, send along your pitch. Go crazy with the deck but make sure you include the following:

1. Ideas/references with a clear vision of what you want to produce specifying intended final delivery (i.e. 30 second fashion video; series of still images; music video etc)

2. Resources required (i.e. space, equipment need, crew assistance, post production support)

3. Timeline including when you need our resources

4. Get it out there – what other platforms and channels do you have access to so your work can be published?


We want you to create with freedom, but there are few rules so we can maintain this as an open space.

The CS SHOUT program is for non-commercial projects only. We want to keep this as a unique space and opportunity for artists exploring ideas. If you are interested in a doing a partly commercial project, we can discuss special CS SHOUT rates, however each case are assessed on its merits and subject to our discretion.


Artwork: Dre Romero
Photo Assistant: Joy
Text: WJX

The latest production out of CS SHOUT was the cover work for singer-producer Charity SSB’s debut mixtape – NIC3 2 MEET U. The album spans the full spectrum of music from Reggaeton to poppy sing alongs and head shaking rock. Shot at Central Studios, the artist needed to be zipped into this bubble covered with light reflections and with limited oxygen no less. The bubble represents Charity’s view on our existence – living on our own planet, ruling our own universe, yet all together with transparent boundaries.


Director & Editor: Roman Cortez
DOP: Richard Kendall

This music video takes place in a futuristic environment based on the classic Michael Jackson video “Scream.” Set in outer space, DJ Wordy lays down his tracks but was he ever actually in space?


Director: Justin Cooper
Cosmetic Chemist: Lucie Lebailly
Executive Producer: Rodney Evans
DOP: Richard Kendall
Splice Time Specialist: Tom Brandon
Offline Editor: Teng Hui
Colourist: Vincent Taylor
VFX Artist: Erwan Leroy , Cheng Qui & Ting Ting Su
Online Producer: Eason Wu
Post Studio: SFG-Technicolor
Make Up: Wang qi (王琪)
Hair stylist: Nic Chau for Head Couture
Prop Master: Xiaowu (小伍)
Gaffer: Xiao Wei (魏长青)
Models: Han Bing & Feng Zhuona (Elite), Wang Yi, Miffy + Isis (Esee), Valeriya (Reals)
Producer: Rongkai Zheng @ Central Studios
Producer assistants: Berry Jiang, Mew Chiang @ Central Studios
Photo assistants: Feng, Dark @ Central Studios

This film was shot in collaboration with Director Justin Cooper, Central Studios, Splice Boys and Cosmetic Specialist Lucie Lebailly. We decided to celebrate the hidden moments when beauty is at it’s most dynamic, the creative violence that is latent within the pristine now as represented by a finished fashion photograph. We shot models in the stylistic norm of fashion magazines. Using a Phantom Flex 4 camera at 1000 FPS and an array of 70 cameras to create the bullet time effects, we captured cloud bursts and explosions of cosmetic products around the models, to amplify their normally latent role in the moment. Slowing down and shifting focus, we witness the surreal and the transient, volatile nature of beauty and the beautification process.