A Melancholic Wet Dream


As we all start to cool after a scorching summer, the Shanghai cultural calendar hots up. September opens with a blistering of weekend street culture, fashion and art. While YOHOOD is sweeping across Shanghai for its annual event next weekend, we are excited to announce that Central Studios will present Los Angeles based photographer Alexander Bortz with his first solo exhibition in Shanghai  - A Melancholic Wet Dream.

夏天好像离我们越来越远,夏天好像再一次靠近。不过这又怎么了?还是公路商店的哥儿们说的对头,眼光要长远,命运只有安排,先活下去保证自己的生活。现在活下来了,那么也该扒拉汲取点营养丰富一下精神艺术生活。九月活动满的当当响,YOHOOD 早就横扫朋友圈。我们也来给九月加加戏。九月一日至三日,常驻洛杉矶的摄影师 Alexander Bortz,将来到奂镜,举办他这次世界巡回展的中国站影展 - 《一个忧郁咸湿梦》(希望这位亚历山大朋友永远不要知道这个不着调的翻译)

Alexander Bortz started taking photos of his daily life in his early twenties, taking photos and documenting what he and his interesting friends did around their city. Soon after, his dad shipped him an old Canon AE,  and firmly launched Alex into a love of photography. He ended up carrying it around all the time. Now, he specializes in fine Art & Fashion Photography. While he explores both sides of the industry, Alex has established himself as one of the most up and coming exciting photographers, having worked closely shooting and designing album covers for A$AP Mob's "Cozy Tapes" & Vince Staples "Big Fish Theory", among other leading luxury brands.

当时二十出头的 Alexander Bortz,因为对校园生活,突然间的不知所措, 想找寻一些事来提起对生活的热度。他选择了拍照记录他和朋友的日常。不久后收到父亲寄来的佳能AE胶片机,也是这个旧相机,彻头彻尾的将他带上了迷恋摄影之路,相机不离身。专攻美术与时尚摄影的他,快快的成为了业界里倍受好评的摄影师。不久前给 A$AP Mob 的专辑封面。也紧密的为许多国际知名的奢侈品牌拍摄了作品。

A$AP MOB's Cozy Tapes VOL. 2

©️ Alexander Bortz

Maxine in Gucci

©️ Alexander Bortz

George in Dior Homme

©️  Alexander Bortz

ka & Kevin

©️ Alexander Bortz


©️ Alexander Bortz



This is a series inspired by classic nudes photographers such as Robert Mapplethorpe & Irving Penn. Alexander Bortz found himself another way to tell stories and enjoy the beauty - using motion & color to subjects rather than just capturing a moment. During the 3-day exhibition, Alexander Bortz will also be offering his limited edition t-shirts for sale.

这一系列的作品,自述深受 Robert Mapplethorpe 和 Irving Penn 所拍摄的经典裸体摄影启发。一直专攻与美术与时尚摄影的 Alexander Bortz,找到了自己的方式 - 动态和彩色的交互,让它们融合一体,去向观赏者讲述作品其中关于美的故事。影展总历时为三天,期间也将能在现场买到 Alexander Bortz 限量t恤。

Come visit this specially curated exhibition by Alexander Bortz, opening night is September 1. Indulge yourself and get inspired with his beautiful work. Peddler's Gin will be present at the event serving up a wide spectrum of mixed drinks along with craft beer, cider and wine. See you!

九月一日星期五不要再问去邊度了,傍晚六点,请来和我们一起开幕啦。Peddler's Gin 将会在开幕现场提供酒水,精酿啤酒、果酒和红酒,酝酿搭配这个色彩浓郁的“梦”。