Shaving In The Dark

Shaving In The Dark

Yesterday we held our fair day this year「 The Summer Get Down 」, and took a trip with our friend SHAVING IN THE DARK by their buzzed doodling fun drawings. It was interesting to see how they interpret their ideas over simple objects and photos of people. The visual representation really gives it a unique depth.




SITD is a Shanghai-based collective of artists (some say ‘nerds’) with a passion for comics and illustration. They are a community-driven platform for free expression and indie comics publication to liberate the cartoons lurking inside all of us.


Their quarterly anthology zine is now on Issue 5. Next issue’s theme is MUTE, an experiment in non- verbal comics. Their goal is to create universal and yet very personal comics that can be read across language barriers. (submissions open until August 15)





JAY MARK CAPLAN is an illustrator with a background in copywriting and advertising strategy. He’s a co-founder of SITD and helps run production and design.


JOHNATHAN WILSON is an illustrator and educator. He’s a co-founder of SITD and contributing artist. He also came up with the name, which is an expression his grandfather used to say that means ‘you don’t really know what you’re doing.’