Last Saturday, Central Studios hosted  PUSHFEST  2016 , brought to you by PUSH MEDIA, supported by Vans, Beats by Dre, Stance Socks, Jameson Whiskey and Goose Island, debuting Asia’s first skateboarding film festival.

上周末,我们承办了由 PUSH MEDIA 组织的亚洲首个滑板电影节 – PUSHFEST 2016。活动当天由 Vans ,Beats by Dre ,Stance Socks ,Jameson Whiskey 和 Goose Island 赞助。

Kids, industry heads, media moguls and friends were here hanging out and watching some of the most amazing skate videos on the big screen in Studio 1.


Patrick O’Dell flew in to recant tales of his Epicly Later’d series which was awesome. Other highlights included watching the Redbull skate team cut loose in the streets of Madagascar; followed by a film that transported us into the craziest mindset to go skateboarding with Jørn Nyseth Ranum on the frozen sandy beaches of Norway.

PUSH MEDIA邀请Patricl O’Dell从美国飞来,播放他的经典影片Epicly Later’d系列,并且紧张的和大家聊了聊这个影片系列的来龙去脉前世今生。视频还播放了来自PUSH MEDIA在香港拍摄的影片; 由Patrick Wallner记录的异域风情马达加斯加,以及糙到令人感动的street spot以及Jørn Nyseth Ranum的空前年度大片NORTHBOUND,在风刮的浪都打不全的挪威海边,自制道具玩耍,就说棒不棒吧我的瓷。

Homies threw down a solid mini ramp session during the event in Studio 2 while the DJ blessed us with some blazing tracks. Good times were had, juiced up with a few Goose Island IPA’s and many Jamesons & Dry. Skate videos, mini ramp, music, the bar, hot dog, popcorn and a bunch of good homies were perfect fit for a rocked up Saturday night.

除了第一摄影棚大片无影墙的绝佳观影,在第二摄影棚还置入了mini ramp,DJ基地,EGG小食,Goose Island和 Jamesons 酒精,爆米花和影片,哥儿们和滑板,就着音乐和啤酒,周六的夜晚不朽。