The word “photography” stems from Greek roots – phōs ( light ) and graphé ( lines or drawing ), together meaning “drawing with light”. Whether a snapshot or highly crafted studio shots, light is the best tool from nature that can express people’s explorations into the passages of time, illuminate everyday objects and simply create magical moments. We have pulled a few magic moments contributed by light from booooooo (Canadian’s creative website) to give your mind a break and cool off during this heat.


© Ya-Wei Lin




© Kathy Miranda


© Enzo Dizarn




© Vishal Marapon



© Marapon Thomas Jordan



© Oli Kellett



© Emilio Jumenez



© Bredon Georage Ko



© Richter



© Guy Ferguson



© Alexis Vasilikos



© Daniel Duarte



© Han Cheng Yeh



© Martin Usborne



© Louis Rault Watanabe