On The Road

On The Road

Travel Photography is a genre of photography that covers a broad range of subjects…

street, landscape, portrait, and architecture and generally everything we see when on the road.

Today, we’ve rounded up some of the photographers who bring you along on their journeys.





🔗 herwigphoto.com

Photographer Christopher Herwig has covered 13 countries,

discovering and documenting new variations of a singular architectural form – Soviet Bus Stops.

From the shores of the Black Sea to the Kazakh steppe,

Christopher Herwig captured a diverse collection of bus stops representing public space

that functions as art and dates back to the Soviet era.

Check out these overzealous and statuesque designs for simple structures

that look like they have been built after a night of Absinthe.





🔗 ield.io
London-based photographer Marcus Wendt traveled across the ocean continents to Asia.
Suffering from jet-lag and insomnia, he decided to take a midnight walk through the streets.
Capturing a neon-soaked urban jungle he found a city that shares same insomnia as he does.
His photographs bring real yet fictitious feelings of old-school noir mixed with futurism.




Specializing in ocean photography,
Jonathan Chritchley is one of the best fine art photographers today.
Often utilizing negative space as well as black and white imagery,
he presents the quiet conversation between himself
and the water through his “less is more” dramatic ethereal images.
Working in Cape Town for two-thirds of the year
and spending the rest of his time mostly traveling in Asia,
Duran Levinson has made photography a big part of his life and career.
Duran Levinson shoots exclusively in analog and focuses more on storytelling.
Last year, Duran traveled to Shanghai, Hong Kong, and Japan,
finding special feelings and attachments to these three cities
of which share a clash of modernity and ancient culture of their own.