Our spacious studios are available as a venue hire, or as part of a creative package with our team to produce and support your product event and innovative marketing ideas.

We have hosted events for brands including Guinness, Nike, Source, ASOS, Adidas Originals, Marni and Balenciaga, as well as regional commercial organizations such as the cooperative from Tuscany, Italy.

• Fashion Events: Brand warehouse sales, range showings, industry sales events, fashion parades / launches

• Corporate Off Sites: Perfect for corporate off-sites in an inspirational environment to fuel innovative thought processes.

• Product Launches: Dress to impress – our studios offer a blank canvas with the technical infrastructure.

In addition to commercial events, we play host to many community events. Our biannual Spring and Autumn fair days are one of the definitive events of the season for the Shanghai creative community.  Balancing a fun day out with raising funds for local charities, the occasion is an opportunity to relax, connect, and give back to our city.

For all event enquiries, please contact us at [email protected]