This past Sunday, we hosted the Central Studios‘ annual fair day – One Summer Day. Sun, music, and great fun were in the air. Thank you to all of our loyal community guests for joining us and making it One memorable Day.

天气漂亮到让人感动的上个周日,我们举办了今年的奂镜年度市集 “盛夏一日”,天时地利人和,三合一,功力奇效。谢谢所有来找我们玩的朋友,和我們一起,把周日过出了它本来就该有的红红火火恍恍惚惚淋漓尽致的样子。


△ Wall mural by Allan Marshall

Our charity support was a large success this year, due to your generous donations, and the unused clothing and electronics that were dropped off at our recycling stations. Your support will benefit The Library Project in their continued growth in providing community libraries to rural areas, and to the projects supported by Green Initiatives.

今年的慈善捐赠,也得到了五湖四海地球两端的支持,内力运功鼓掌,感谢所有捐赠的你们。当天收集的旧衣服和无用电子产品,也都已经整理完整。你们的慷慨之意都将进入 图书馆计划 的慈善部,继续捐建阅读室,广益全中国各地的偏远地区居民;另一部分将捐入 绿色倡议,来支持所有环保项目。


Last but definitely not least, a special shout out to Beats by Dr Dre for their tremendous support, providing our fabulous photo booth and raffle prizes. Stay tuned to see our One Summer Day recap video!

压轴点,动用全身经脉,十成功力,特别感谢 Beats by Dr Dre 对这次市集活动的支持,为市集当天带来实体滤镜 photo booth 以及即将要送出去的限量版银色耳麦奖品。鞠躬。先看看照片,锁定奂镜频道,我们很快就会发送市集当天的视频啦!