Summer is here! Get hyped for Central Studios’ annual fair day, One Summer Day, happening Sunday, June 4 from 11 AM to 8 PM. Hotly anticipated among the Shanghai fashion and creative crews, our fair will have a little bit for everyone, including food, drinks, music, a curated section of our favorite designer labels, and one of our best-yet line-ups of stall holders covering vintage fashion, art, music, and other treasures.

夏天(差不多)到了,奂镜的年度黄金档节目 – 奂镜“盛夏一日”市集活动也正式排上日程啦,六月四日星期天,中午十一时到晚上八时,在奂镜场地开耍。作为上海时尚领域和创意社区最宠的市集之一,我们今年除了夏日畅游的标配 – 美食,酒水和音乐意外,当然还有我们最喜爱的设计师品牌入驻,以及各门各类的设计好物,穿梭时空的古着、沁人心脾的艺术创作和音乐,以及许多许多,大情怀和小惊喜。

We are focused on our individual and collective practices to reduce our waste and make conscious choices towards greener habits. This year we’re a plastic-free zone, so bring your own bag or purchase one of our limited edition CS totes.

我们邀请所有的人,一起加入绿色世界的开放阵营。今年市集的正确打开方式是 – 无塑料国度。专注于减少消耗和回收利用。携带个人的包袋,或者,可以现场置入一个奂镜限量版环保袋。

Central Studios continues its support of community organizations with our charity partners, The Library Project, which donates much needed items to under-resourced schools and RE:FORM + The [WE] Project (Green Initiatives), two initiatives that team with communities and the fashion industry, providing a transparent method of reusing and disposing textile & electronic waste. All proceeds and donations will go towards supporting these impactful programs.

一如既往的,我们将延续长久以来,和社区团体一起努力的慈善捐赠。老朋友”图书馆计划” – 捐赠阅读室,致⼒于改善中国乡村地区的阅读现状。新伙伴“绿色倡议” 的两个环保项目:RE:FORM 旧衣新生 + The [WE] Project 电子回收计划,优化电子废物回收利用的过程,以及减少纺织浪费,合理化循环利用。今年的所有收入和捐赠,将全部置入三个慈善机构,支持推动“新生”。

Recycling stations will be available on the day provided by RE:FORM & The [WE] Project. Bring any unwanted clothing or electronic waste (cords, chargers, equipment, etc.) for recycling!

现场将会由 RE:FORM 旧衣新生 和 The [WE] Project 电子回收计划 搭建环保回收站,我们呼吁大家携带一些不需要的旧衣服或者电子废物,例如电子线,充电器或者电子器材等等),推动和支持回收循环利用项目。

Entry is free and is open to the public. See you there!