Purple Rain Screening



In order to pay tribute to one of the most significant and talented musicians of our times, Central Studios is screening Prince's epic and electrifying movie "Purple Rain" on Friday the 29th of April.  The movie that gave birth to one of the most chilling and inspiring tracks and KTV favourite.  Drinks at 6, Movie at 7.

Happy Holidays!


Xmas cover

It’s that time of year when our brains turn to eggnog and all we dream about is a sun kissed Christmas.


24 hours in North Korea

North Korea was in my consciousness early this year.  Some friends went to run a race and a few photographers travelled on a 24 hour mission in and out and captured what they could.

The runners were there for the marathon.  Due to Ebola fears, the race was cancelled at one stage and borders are closed. Wisely the race was then allowed to proceed but the damage was done and many travel organisers were left with excess flight capacity.  In order to use up these otherwise empty seats, the tour organisers offered a unique 24 hour visit to Pyongyang for a ridiculously low price - a deal too good to be true for some photographers.




Raphael Olivier & Shiraz Randeria, independently took advantage of a unique kamikaze run into the deep North.  Landing in the wee hours and having a full day to shoot then return to China the evening.  Such a cursory visit makes it hard to gain any real depth, and as Shiraz admits, any photographer or tourist invariably gets shown the same locations so it is difficult to get any point of difference.  Most end up getting up similar images that tourists can take with their iPhones.